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A writer starts his journey with a pen and paper. As time moves on, he makes use of other tools and equipment to improve his work. The same can be said for artists, gardeners, or even your average company employee. And with microscope photography, the exact same process is followed. If you wish to improve your skills in microscope photography, you’ll need to purchase a number of accessories designed to improve the function and performance of your trusty old camera and enhance your skills at the same time.

9 Must-Have Microscope Photography Accessories to Take Your Hobby to the Next Level

Added Battery Power Means Longer Hours
Think of all the times that you’ve been feeling extremely good with your shots when you realize all of a sudden that you’re forced to call it a day just because you’ve run low on your power. It’s time, however, to change that. Invest in extra batteries, preferably rechargeable ones, together with a reliable battery charger. Added battery power will ensure that you can take photos as long and far as your inspiration’s willing to take you!

Get a Camera Stand
Many people believe that camera stands are for professionals only but they’re wrong. Camera stands are actually the type of accessory that offers a practical solution to your woes. Remember those times when you’ve missed rare opportunities to capture beautiful photos because your arms got tired at the wrong place and time? If you don’t want to relive such moments, get a camera stand. Choose a camera stand that’s designed for travel and with a solid and secure foundation.

Extra Memory Cards
Relying on the built-in memory of your camera just won’t do anymore. If you’re truly serious about your hobby then invest in extra memory cards. These will allow you to take and store more photos in every location you go to. Having more photos with you also ensures that you don’t miss on any opportunity to show prospective clients samples of your work.

All-Around Memory Card Reader
Speaking of memory cards, you can also ensure that data from your memory cards is always ready for transfer with a memory card reader. The best memory card readers are those manufactured by well-known brands because they offer durability and reliability. Memory card readers may be built-in with your computer or an external USB device. It’s better to purchase the latter type as you can bring it anywhere you go. Lastly, and if you have extra money to spare, it’s best to purchase a memory card reader capable of reading all kinds of memory cards.

Stay Safe with Travel Cases
Travel cases come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of designs and made from different materials. The best type of travel case for microscope photography enthusiasts is one made of aluminum or anything equally durable and with the appropriate straps so that you could carry it on your back while traveling. It’s also ideal if the travel case’s interior is made of several sections to prevent your equipment and accessories from scratching each other. Lastly, check if it’s water-proof, too, and if it comes with a lock or any other security device.

Go Flatter with Photo Eyepieces
The standard eyepiece for microscope cameras work well enough in producing still photos but if you’re after superb sharpness and color in your photos then you might want to invest in a photo eyepiece. Photo eyepieces can also produce flatter images of your sample. Be sure to test them out first and compare it with the results of your microscope camera’s ordinary eyepieces.

Adapters for Emergency Situations
These will come in handy if you’re going to places known to use or have a different kind of outlet than what you’re used to.

Remote Control Unit
Nikon MC EU1 Cable Remote Control is one good example of this kind of accessory. With it, you get to control your microscope camera even from afar. No missed opportunities when you’ve got this working for you!

Lens Hood
This type of microscope photography accessory is used to remove shadows from your photos. One good example of this would be the Olympus LH-55 lens hood. When shopping for lens hood, always check for compatibility with your microscope camera. As they are not that expensive, it won’t hurt to invest in one for every microscope camera you have in your set.

Of course, these are not all the microscope photography accessories in the world, but together they make a good start to take your hobby – or career – to the next level. More on this topic

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