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If you’re seriously interested in taking up microscope photography as a hobby, the first thing you need to do is purchase an amateur-friendly micro-imaging camera. The right micro-imaging camera won’t be any hassle to operate but it can provide you at the same time all the features you need to produce photomicrographs of superb quality.

The Beauty of Microscope Photography
Contrary to popular opinion, microscope photography is not exclusive to scientists. If you’ve long been into photography but recently lacking in inspiration, microscope photography can easily introduce you to a whole new world right out your doorstep…or even inside your bedroom, for that matter.

Microscope photography gives you a new perspective on things. We all know how flowers look like, but have you ever tried seeing one up close? You may think you know all about the oak furniture in your house but try taking a closer look and you could be surprised with the new patterns that emerge. With microscope photography, there’s little chance for you to run out of interesting subjects to take photos of.

8 Tips on How to Choose an Amateur-Friendly Micro-Imaging Camera

Buy Micro-Imaging Camera
There’s a huge difference between a micro-imaging camera and one that offers micro-imaging features. A micro-imaging camera is one you can expect to work compatibly with virtually all types of microscopes. You can’t say the same for the latter. Although a micro-imaging camera is slightly more expensive than normal camera types, they do not, however, require to spend extra for accessories because it comes readily with all the features you need to take a serious jab at microscope photography.

Look for USB 2.0 Connection
Connectivity is very important nowadays. If your micro-imaging camera comes with USB 2.0 connection, you can be sure that it will work with almost all types of microscopes and certainly any kind of computer and its peripherals. With USB 2.0 connection, you can instantly download and upload your photos, have them printed or emailed to your friends and colleagues.

Camera Stand for Steady Focus
Even the steadiest hands need help sometimes. When you’re looking for the exact right moment to take a snapshot of your subject, you need to be alert and fully prepared to click that button. But there’s no way to know when the right moment will come and as such, you’ll be forced to wait for a long, long time. Your hands and arms would ache. The moment you lower them, that’s the time the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. You try to get a shot but it’s too late.

And thus, you understand the need for a camera stand. These may come as part of the package for some micro-imaging camera models or purchased separately. Either way, you should look for one with adjustable height and provides a solid and secure foundation for your imaging camera.

Be Merry with More Memory
Tongue twister it may be but it also makes sense. You’ll have a happier and easier time with your micro-imaging camera with bigger memory. Look for a micro-imaging camera that offers the biggest built-in memory as well as slots for additional memory devices. Getting rid of memory concerns will let you take as many photos as you can and with all of them taken at the best conditions. No need to reduce image quality or size!

Image Technique Variety
Unless you can ascertain that your focus will remain forever in subjects taken under bright field illumination, you might be better off with a micro-imaging camera capable of taking photos even if it’s under reflected, transmitted, or polarized illumination.

Ease of Use
Having a lot of buttons may make a gadget more sophisticated but if you want to capture good photos quickly, you’re better off with a micro-imaging camera with a minimal set of buttons. The best combination offers you ease of use and maximum control at the same time.

The Truth about Megapixels
The more the better, right? Wrong! A micro-imaging camera with an 8.0MP image resolution may not produce photos as good as you’d expect to if its lens are not up to par. For the megapixel bit to make good on its promise, other parts and features of the micro-imaging camera must operate at the same level. It’s all or nothing.

Convenience with User Presets
It can be terribly tiring to configure camera settings every time you change location and sample. With user presets, however, that won’t ever have to be a problem again. User presets allow you to save one or more configuration sets so that one tiny click would get you ready to zoom and shoot!

And there you have it. Everything you need in an amateur-friendly micro-imaging camera is listed above. Enjoy! Here is a link to the article

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